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For Hotels

we deliver thousands of sports families to your doorstep.

Our mission is to make team travel easy for tournaments from L.A. to New York. In partnership with hotels across the country we work to create a win-win-win for hoteliers, events and teams so that everyone has a first-class experience. 

Here’s how hotels win with AwayTeam:

Ready for launch?

Contact a member of our team to get started today. We will work with you to build your profile and get your property listed.

Hotel Room
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Dedicated Account Manager

No one wants to be frustrated, we get it. That's why AwayTeam hotels get a dedicated account manager to assist with RFPs, room block reservations, and more. Contact our team to learn more.

Transparent Reporting

Our mission is to deliver transparent reporting for everyone - hotels, event owners, and teams. Mission Control contains a snapshot of everything you need to know about team bookings.

Simple Dashboard

It's simple: Mission Control is easy to navigate. Get a quick look at total number of room nights booked, forecast future room nights, and respond to RFPs directly in your own dashboard.